Thursday, February 03, 2011

a new me xDD

hey hey ..,  i'm back. hehe ..
it's been a long time i haven't update my blog ..,,

do you know? of course not. hehe .. act, i just want to tell everybody that " i'm happy with my life rite now'' ..
my life totally different from before.
i'm always happy. thanx to my friends. thnx to them . sy sayang mereka <3

sem-4 ni ber++ rmai kwn sy. heLLo new friend :)
to those who call me arrogant, I'm sorry. rite now, i'm so so so busy. since become a class rep, HEHE.
fuhh ..this year i hve started independently, no longer dependent on another person. sume bnda kena buat sendiri.. ada event besar mnanti. i need to manage it. hope this thing sucess ..

cuti ini sgt seronok . dpt keluar dgn kawan2. mcm2 kisah kami share . b'picnic la, buat bnda2 plik la ;D
so skrg ni sy suda gelap b'jemur, rasanya da boleh dduk ruma bce bku. mggu dpn nk test .. hihi ..

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