Friday, January 14, 2011

New Life

i need a new life . a life with happiness, laugh and smilee.
can i got those them? hurmm. suree. i can :)

so, i need to change my life now. dont want to be sad. Really hate it. HAHA.
From now on, today, i need to be the real self of me. Dont want to care about other people feeling. it sound like cruel rite . i dont care . all i want is a happy life .

Hari jumaat hari yg berkat utk memulakan hidup baru .
Byk yg perlu dilakukan dlm hidup ni.. Ku mahukan hidup yg bahagia . Berubah is the best way.
bukn kpd keburukan. tp ke arah yg lbih Baik :)